HDFC-useless behaviour of banks

ajayarya88 9th of Apr 2019

Hello there . 
myself ajay malik 
i live in village Ugra kheri panipat . 
we have here only branch of hdfc bank .
and the behaviour of branch is so unrealistic that it is proving itself almost useless . 
today i went for R.T.G.S and the branch proved useless and i was told to reach city branch at huda sectors 12 branch, panipat . 
when i reached here, they also retured me with the statement that, " our system is down " . 
i am highly offended by your hdfc behaviour and system . 
please do something about it . 
thanks .

AXIS BANK-service manager not well behaved with customer.

Amlan Panchanan 9th of Apr 2019

Today I am visited mechda axis bank for investment of 16lkhs. I am discuss with one of the staff of ur bank suddenly service manager Mr.somprika came and started misbehaving with me. We are not discuss before opening the account or else first show the cash then we discussed. This kind of behavior of a private manger not exceptable and in the market so many private waiting for taking money.. please check the issue.



Abhishek 18th of Apr 2019


I applied for Home loan in the Month of Dec 2018, Till date Loan has not been sanctioned

During the period of Approx 05 Months, whatever documents have been demanded from their evaluation team same have been promptly shared with them, Although they raised some useless concerns time to time for that also clarified the same actively with the proofs.

  • All the submitted papers were approved
  • Site verification for Home has been found positive
  • Site verification for office has been found negative in first attempt (Reason:- verification person came at 7.00 pm although office hour was 9.30-6.30 pm) DONE ON DEC 2018
  • Site verification for Office in the second attempt has been found positive DONE ON APR 2019

Everything was as per their policy  still Loan has not been approved till date

Due to curiosity to know the reason of this delay I visited the SBI branch and met with the ill-mannered Lady Mrs. ARUNA THAKUR, Unfortunately, she is the AGM of that branch.

I politely briefed my case to her and requested to update me the exact staus on this as I am chasing this since 05 months approx,I am having strong doubt as she was having some family problem or do not know whether her nature is like that as she was not talking like civilized, she straight forward replied that your Loan cannot be processed as it was found negative in office verification in the first attempt which was done approx 05 months back, I replied the reason that the person came for verification during non office hour hence employee was left for the day and in the second attempt verification of office found positive, but impolitely she said i cannot help you, my question was with her at that moment then what you and your team were doing since 05 months why you did not stop the process 05 months back rather than stopping now when everything is positive.

Then she called the in-charge of this process which was one of her senior Lady staff and started shouting on her that why she did not inform the client that the loan cannot be processed, That senior lady staff informed to ARUNA THAKUR that  01 extra attempts of the verification has been initiated and which will be done by the bank employee (Mr. DK Jain), after that she will process the file as everything in the file is on the positive side. and even the office verification was also found positive but still for re-verification it will attempt this time by our bank employee 

Still rather than understanding the fact and matter Aruna Thakur was talking senseless with lies and false words for that myself and her senior lady employee have been corrected to her several times still rather than admitting her mistake she was talking nonsense and shamelessly Aruna Thakur was arguing with her senior lady staff and was shouting on her asking will you be pass this loan if verification comes positive? senior lady staff was politely replied every time yes of course as everything is ok in this file so after verification she will pass the loan.

but I was not able to understand why still ARUNA was not trying to understand, at last ARUNA said I am not authorized to pass this loan as I am handling loan above 75 lakh, It was shocking for me at that moment and i was thinking is she really such a dumb if she is not handling this then rather doing such hence and forth in the starting of the conversation she could update me this and I would talk to the concerned person only.

This is the eye opener of the SBI culture of working even when the person is sitting in such a responsible position.


ICICI Bank -credit card fraud reported but no provisional credit

prachipshah 13th of Jun 2019
Credit card had a fraudulent transaction of Rs 9000 which was informed to ICICI bank all required legal documents were submitted by physical visit to the bank and even after the same the provisional credit was not provided post proving that the transactions were fraudulent and not authorized. the bank seems to give no response. There were two visits to the physical bank and countless number of phone calls. Pesky call center agents kept calling back without verifying any information and after giving repeated explanations several times over the bank still seems to charge me interest over the overdue amount.

Kotak Mahindra Bank -asking for security money at kotak mahindra

nupoorsingh 17th of Jun 2019
Hi I got offer for Branch Operation Manager at Kotak mahindra bank in pune through on 4th june 2019. I gave 2 rounds of interview(Telephonic and online test) after submitting 1600 to the consultancy and after the rounds they said you are selected and asked for security money for background screening. I have doubt because i have never seen any company asking for money just for background verification, which is a disposable/bounceback email so i find it fishy kindle do the needful.

Citibank-citibank atm rebooted in middle of a withdrawal

Kartic Kumar 18th of Jun 2019


I initiated a withdrawal of rs 3500 from Citibank ATM located at Total mall, sarajapur road, Bangalore today 3.00 PM 16th June 2019. I entered my axis bank ATM pin and keyed in the above amount. I could hear the machine counting and ready to dispense, but suddenly the machine went blank and rebooted to windows 7 and after 15 min went to temporarily out of service message. The amount has been deducted from my account and there was no receipt generated. Please help revert the transaction and refund the money.


Kartic kumar


ICICI Bank-want to receive relieving letter from the employer

Preethi nathalia 19th of Jun 2019
I have already registered a complaint regarding the issue I am undergoing now.After leaving icici bank I started searching jobs and got selected too but only because I don't have relieving letter I am not able to join any of the concerns.I am really worried and frustrated about my career where I will never be able to go for job again.kindly ask the employer to have some empathy and issue me my relieving letter.

Hdfc Bank-account

Ramesshp 4th of Jul 2019
I have an account in hdfc bank, they always deduct some amount of different type of charges, its my biggest mistake that i have open a account in this bank, really hdfc bank is worst bank in india, i think i loss approximately 10000rs. For all different type of charges in it. Unfortunately i have personal loan from this bank also and credit card. I will change my loan to another bank. They told me that ur deducted money is in pending. If you u consult the bank they return some amount. I approached 3 times the bank but the manager and higher authority is very rude and unsympathetic. I never and ever had experienced this type of bad experience with any other bank. Dear friends, We may get same experience in future. Please don't take loan and account from hdfc. You will be charged like anything. You may face same experience as of me.

IDBI Bank-rude behaviour of your employee

Sukriti Tewari 8th of Jul 2019
As i approached your employee with name sailendra of the branch for a small enquiry on behalf of my father since we had been waiting since morning at the showroom for the loan amount transfer, he was instantly rude with me. I am accounts officer with commercial taxes division (Hq), gangtok. The behaviour of his was very unprofessional. I am going to suggest everyone i know, not to open any account with the said branch and bank. Unprofessional people can ruin not just the day of the customers but also the reputation of the bank.

Canara Bank-regarding internet banking

sattyam katheriya 30th of Jul 2019
While i am registering for netbanking am getting the following error. I am a customer of canara bank and am trying to register for net banking but getting the following issue. Please solve the problem as soon as possible. First name/last name/fullname are mandatory fields and they might not be maintained properly with bank, please contact branch

Citibank-credit card lost

riya gambhir 9th of Aug 2019
Hi, This mail is regarding my lost card. Please note that in the absence of my Citi credit card, i am unable to access the customer care helpline calls or the Citi bank website as they always ask for the credit card number which i do not have as i mentioned above. Please can you call back me at my registered number as i need to talk about the payment overdue.

Hdfc Bank- hdfc credit card/complaint

Amreendanish 12th of Aug 2019
I m making a complaint regarding my hdfc credit ending with 0559 expiry date 09/21. I am making the payment of my credit card every month on time and this is the first time last month I have missed the payment on 2nd of july 2019, however i am using this service from quite a long time and makes the payment every month on time still I have got charge 950 + 950 late payment charges and 500 over-limit fees which I am not happy to pay and looking for a reversal of 2400 rs. I have already made the payment of 2 months 3890 rs and if the amount got reversed back I am also happy to pay the total outstanding amount on my credit card if not i am not going to make any payment in the near future. I m an existing customer of hdfc bank and due to this surely I m not happy with the service and looking for the reversal please check and do the needful. Regards, Mohammad danish

Hdfc Bank-credit card status decline

Showri Reddy Vjpr 16th of Aug 2019
Dear hdfc bank, This is 2nd time happend, your people only can call, and offer me like you are eligible for credit card, & complete all the formalities to provide regalia credit card, finally, they send link to me track your application status, it shown status a progress, later that it showing decline status, what is this? Are you peoples playing with customers? Please dont entertine like this way, really its disappointed twice. My credit score is excellent above 800

Reserve Bank Of India [Rbi] -fraud of 90000 rupees

saurav$ 17th of Aug 2019
On 5/08/19 i have withdrawn 2000 rupees from punjab national bank g. T road etah and returned back with my atm card. From 09/08/19 to 11/08/19 someone has withdrawn 90000 rupees though the atm card and checque book is with me. I got to know about this fraud on 11/08/19 when i checked the message on my phone. I instantly filed an f. I. R and submitted the copy to the canara bank as my account is associated with it. I lodged a complaint in natkional consumer helpline and they have given me a grievance number which is 1511535 but today i received a message that the status of that complaint is closed. I dont know whether any actions are being taken or will be taken because i want my money back any how. Please do the needful and try to refund my money asap.

Axis Bank-account closed but money not refunded yet

Pawan6533 26th of Aug 2019
I have opened axis asap account by filling online details at app of axis bank & also deposited 10000 for account opening but next day i have received a message that your account is debited by 10000 & amount transfer to “closure proceeds to dd acct”. Please refund my money i did not expected it from such a big organisation to do such frauds. Please let me know how will i get my money back.

Hdfc Bank-depository charges

ShwethaMS 1st of Nov 2019
This is in reference to hdfc transaction made in my account without intimating me. An amount of rs.885 has been charged on Sep 13, 2019, mentioning depository charges on Demat account. I have never used this account anytime and have been reporting charges applied even last year. Every time I am asked to visit a branch and notify, but currently, I am in a foreign country with no accessibility to visit hdfc branch to close this account. This is a pure exploitation of customers for no reason. Demat account was offered as a package at the time of opening account for free but never was informed of charging in later stage.

Bank Of Baroda-fund transfer complaint

SamiAlam 30th of Nov 2019
A huge problem of transferring funds with in time Iots of time we face the problem in your bank and the employee of the bank misbehaving me many time they are not working properly Mostly employee of bank of baroda they are not working properly and they spend more time in surfing in mobile they don't focus the customer and they delayed their work as much as possible

Canara Bank-regarding my education loan

Vruschitha Shanker 4th of Dec 2019
I took education loan from canara bank 2012 under vidya sagar scheme. During education interest should not be charged for education loan but for me during education interest has been charged. In my loan passheet balance is 17000 but outstanding is 2lakh something. I paid almost 4lakh. I really don't understand what you guys are doing at back. Outstanding should also be 17000 as per my knowledge. Monthly 15000 has been deducted from account but it is showing emi as 5000. Please resolve this issue asap else would like to escalate it to higher authority.


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