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We had a prebooking of spicemax seats in flight no. SG 8956 scheduled on 8 june from srinagar to delhi. While check in we were told that the air crafts have been changed and they no longer had max seats available, but they promised other facilities like food and beverages. It is to inform you that we paid an extra amt of 2037 just for the extra leg room which was denied to us at the last moment. Also tge food which was served was rotten which was stinking. Not only this we were traveling with our 3 yr old daughter who was also served the same chilly paneer and fried rice. How can you expect the child to have such food?? Moreover the person who was suppose to get our luggage checked in did not put the tags of priority due to which our bag got exchanged at the delhi airport and we were stuck there almost for three hours. Spice jet people didnot even took the responsibility of getting our bag back. That task was also left to us. I just want spice jet to look into the matter and refund the amount which i paid for max seats.

Indigo Airlines-in flight supervisor behviour unprofessional

Padmanabhan RK 14th of Jun 2019
I flew by Indigo flight number 6E 453 from Coimbatore to Mumbai on 11 th June, 2019. My seat number was 1 F. There was a passenger seated on 2 E behind me who was talking on phone even after the announcements and the crew saw it but kept quiet. He continued talking on phone even while the plane was taxiing. When it continued almost till near the take off point I called the Flight supervisor by name Isha and told her to check this. On hearing this passenger kept quiet. Instead of checking the passenger Isha made a cursory look at the passenger and told me rudely that he is only watching a movie and not talking. I fail to understand how he can even watch a movie when all electronic devices should not be used ( even on airplane mode ) during take off and touch down.After this the behaviour of the supervisor was visibly agitated and at the end of the flight too she was quite rude in the manner which she was ushering the passengers out. Incidentally she ushered out the passengers without announcing details of baggage bay. I am a Police Officer and Commissioner of Police of Pimpri-Chinchwad Pune. I have also served as Director Security of Air India once. I am pretty familiar with Aviation security and safety.I was also Dy CVO of Air India and am familiar with these issues. This supervisor Isha has a serious attitude problem and needs strong corrective action. May be a downgrade . Regards Padmanabhan [protected]

Spice Jet Airlines-unsupportive staff behavior

Lils _ 23rd of Jul 2019
I was just 5 mins late for check in for spice jet sg768 first they didn't let me check in Over that staff was very unsupportive. They didn't help me with any other alternatives. They cause a lot of inconvenience to me because of which i missed my flight. They didn't even help me with any kind of information regarding alternative flights n refund. Staff behavior was very impolite. Never gonna recommend this airline to anyone. It is the worst of all.

Spice Jet Airlines-baggage breach complaint

Shipra Aeron 6th of Aug 2019
I traveled from flight no. Sg083 and i supposed to collect my luggage from counter no. 11 from savarnbhumi airport bangkok. And when i found it, it was all open and my stuff was all on the floor and few items missing. I tried contacting the staff but there was nobody around so after like an hour i stopped my search and went to my hotel with my missing stuff and breached luggage. If i will find something otherwise in my bag.. I will be held responsible and i want the return my stuff be it new.

Indigo Airlines-behaviour of air hostess

Anjani Kumar golu 10th of Aug 2019
The air hostess was racist against me. When she reached me carrying food and when i asked her food, she told me they are going row wise even though she could have given me food. She was giving food to the people of other rows. I m sure she was racist against me as i m from bihar. Why u employ such racist air hostesses? She looked to me with a sense of hatred.


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