Mohit-no proper treatment by dr vatsal kothari

deepak ladia 25th of Jun 2019

My cousin was admitted under dr vatsal kothari, he was suffering from dengue, after keeping 8days they discharge him, and same evening he start having pain in chest area, next day i called his assistance sweta singh but she didn't pick the phone,, She text for message if any thing, I told that patience is having chest pain, she told to bring him in emergency casualty, and when we reached there she start receiving call not replying on message, after waiting for long time doctor vatsal kothari came to see, and advice to get readmitted, My question is that on what basic they have discharge the patience. We told to readmitted the patience, but at the admission counter staff kept us waiting for more then 1 hour and they didn't allot the room, in reply the answer was that the other patience is waiting since 4 hours till yet he didn't got room. I ask what the reason taking soo much time, in reply the staff told that the nurse is in round so she did not pick the phone. Excuse was really disappointing. When i told i am taking patience to other hospital they were least bother, When i took patience to ither hospital other doctor asked why no x ray or sonography not done, i don't have any answer whether its was necessary or not. But i realised that day by day the treatment to patience are not done properly One day before discharge dr vatsal kothari assistance told that next day mostly will be discharge one dr vatsal kothari review but next day dr vatsal kothari came after 5pm and then he said for discharge, Whole day we waited for him.

Kolors-about the treatment

Sangeetha Aliaa 29th of Jun 2019
I had been to kolors. I got call from kolors so i went to kolors they said 24k so we paid through bajaj finance I'm going through beauty peeling treatment i completed 5 sittings i swear to god 0% results n main doctor said put complimentary extra sitting she said at least 10 sittings is needed but they gave 7sittings I'm very disappointed with service 😔

Trident Hospital-medicine issues

Jay Dabholkar 6th of Sep 2019
I am the relative of patient sonibai jadhav bed no.3 admitted in iccu my complaint is towards trident hospital which is located in pooja enclave chs ganesh nagar kandivali west, mumbai maharashtra, this hospital forces the patient relatives to buy required medicines from their trident medical store only. And doesn't provide any discounts, poor illiterate people are scared that the hospital may stop the treatment of their patient. All admitted patients relatives have a strong evidence against this ongoing activities in this private hospital. This is my request to health department of india to take a strict action on such offence.


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