Delhi Transport Corporation [DTC]-Bus service

Bhaagi Rathan 16th of Apr 2019

The bus drivers and the conductors are not passenger friendly. 
The buses do not stop at the respective bus stops unless or untill the person waiting wave their hands requesting to stop.
Conductors do not tell which stop has been reached which makes it difficult for those who are new to the city to get down at and 
also the drivers do not stop unless they are requested to stop at the bus stops which they are otherwise supposed to stop. 
After 10 pm the conductors refuse to give tickets for the money that they accept. One has to insist multiple times to get the tickets after 10pm.

National Highways Authority Of India [Nhai]-western peripheral expressway

sumeet197 10th of Apr 2019

I travelled from gurgaon highway 48 to palwal on 08/04/2019 through western paripal expressway while I entered to western paripal expressway at panchgaon the entry toll.was under construction as not operational so i passed gate through thinking that may unter trial so free passge provided
while on exit point before palwal, they have asked for entry slip which was Not operational and not provided they charged for 85 km of full stress while as per map it was just 58 km. My travel data is still stored on my phone google time line . They harrash and asked for ₹210 wgich i paid then only allowed to pass through, no one is ready to talk.
While it's toll management fault for not operatinal under construction toll and commuter have to suffer and pay double charges.
I need refund of extra charges with apologize letter from palwal exit point managed for. On cooperation.


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