Delhi Police-harassment by traffic police officer ito


7th of Aug 2019
Hello sir, My name is nadeem and i was driving to andhra school ito with my kids in morning time. I was dropping my kids to school and a traffic police stop me and said that i am using my car as a cab for school children. I told them they are my kids and check my cars papars and my kids identity cards but he didn't checked and taken me to ito red light area where all other officers came to me and harrassed me with my religion. All of them didn't check my papers and start to proceed with challan. The first start challan was 1100 rs. And i i was willing to pay but then another senior officer came towards us then asked my name. I told my name then he told to another officer to raise my challan amount with different penal code. I asked why he is doing this then he clearly give me warning that if i will refuse to pay this then i will be in trouble later. My kids and me were shocked to see thier reaction. He made a challan of rs 6000 and i paid in cash and come home. 2 days later i received another challan msg of rs 2500 with same challan number. I just need to complain against these officers because it is a case of harrassement. The challan date is 31st aug, 2019. I hope delhi police department will take action for this matter. Regards Nadeem


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