Suzuki Motorcycle-issue regarding oil consumption

Atish Satarkar

8th of Nov 2019
Hi this is atish satarkar, owner of suzuki access bearing registration no ga 05 k 8541. I have servicing bike at regular interval authorised service center since beginning. Last time when i complaint of bike pickup and excessive oil consumption, at authorised service center named radhakrishna enterprises opp. Venkatesh leela hotel, bandora ponda goa. At that time service advisor told that block piston worn out and told to replace it. Since the bike was under the warranty, the service center told me to replace the piston at the payment grounds. Bikes block piston assembly was newly replaced, at that time technician didn't tightten head assembly with a torque wrench. When i ask to tighten the torque they clearly said that such tools are not being used in their service workshop. The bike piston assembly was newly replaced and i was charged sum of rs. 11000 on 5th march 2019. Immediately after that regularly i have complains during next subsequent servicing that heavy oil consumption still persisted which technician ignored. Now when the problems got worse, i went to the service center again last week and now advisor is suggesting to replace piston assembly again. When i asked what is the reason the advisor told that the piston rings were not properly fitted. Is it our fault now that we have to pay for it again? To hide their mistake they are ready to put piston rings free of cost. I can't understand when i was charged 11k for full repairs how can the parts go after the couple of months again. I refused to pay any repairs now as it was result pure negligence on parts of technician who undertook previous repairs. Kindly advice urgent basis else i need to take this up to the consumer forum if not attended on urgent basis. Suzuki being such reputed brand i don't understand the kind o[censored]nskilled technicians they risk to undertake the repairs.


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