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22nd of Nov 2019
Hi, I have placed an order for skullcandy headphone inkd through myntra app on 17th nov 2019 and today on 19th nov 2019, i have received the item. The moment i received, i found that it is a defective product and within 1hr i have called customer service and spoke to supervisor kanchan. She repeated same thing about the policy for 45mins that this is non returnable product. However i have told her that i cannot visit service center after paying 1700rs for the headphones and i am not willing to pay another 500rs for transportation since the place is very far from my place where i live. Then i asked her to transfer the call to her supervisor. She connected my call to apoorva (Her team leader), she purposely reacted that she is not hearing my voice and she disconnected the call. This is very disappointed. I am an old customer of myntra and never faced an issue before but this time they gave me very hard time. Atleast they could have given some kind of solution or an alternative and not forcing me to call skullcandy service center. I want them to refund my hard earned money which they have wasted. They have wasted my time and money both.


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