Dv Enterprises-work 1200 word typing


22nd of Nov 2019
Dear sir 5 nov ko is company see ak madam call Kar ke bola ki 1200 page typing ka work he ager interested ho to id proof send kordu kam agar complete kar saku to they give me 19700. And if i failed i should pay 4300 i done that work. I done the job and it's not completed so they call me yesterday and told me that i need to pay rs 7510 wtihin 5:30 or they are going to take a legal steps so i asked them if i send then it's over they said yes. That's why i pay the money. But today they call me and said if i want to cancel the contract with them i must pay them 18900 rupees within 12 pm or they take legal steps. Sir, i am a student i can't afford that much money and right now. So please sir tell me what i must bo


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