Hire In Global-frauds and cheats

Payal Dhanmeher

29th of Nov 2019
I am to inform you that a company named Hire in Global is cheating people in the name of E-book Typing work. They send details immediately once you open their Whatsapp number and once you pay them Rupees 580 as their registration fees to get the typing work. Once you get the sample typing work of 20 pages and complete with full accuracy, they will send you the accuracy report as per their practice and modus operandi to reject the work, simply state that your work don't qualify for payment. They don't respond to your mail or Whatsapp messages once they reject your work and don't send any details of the accuracy report to show you the errors in your work. This is the way they are cheating public and collect Rupees 580/- from everyone who apply for work. They are doing a well planned fraud upon the public. There are many companies that operates from Gujarat as per their contact number and Paytm number. Action kindly be taken against the cheats.


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