Aviva Life Insurance Company India-refund takes eternity

Srikanth Chiguluri

3rd of Jan 2020
My policy is auto terminated as I couldn't pay but after 5 years they are supposed to pay back whatever the value is. It is terminated on 11th December and I requested the call center to help me expedite the refund but they have a standard answer "please wait for 15 days from the date of termination". I was been promised on different dates. On 20th December - I raised a request to which some lady calls back says you will get the money on to your account on or before 24th Dec. On 24th December when I check with them they refute their words saying "we promised you that we will process before 24th December and it takes 24 to 48 hours" then on 26th December - they say "please wait till 6 pm today. You will receive the fund and I got a message also that it is processed and when I call them to let them know it I not credited - please wait for 24 hours'. On 27th Dec - they say" due to a technical issue it was delayed and we are working on it. No date or time is committed. I have been following up with them relentlessly because of personal emergencies" but no help. Worst thing is call center associated behave like as if they are favoring me by giving the information available in the system. I wrote an mail to the complaint desk - this is very funny. Firstly, they say we will get back to you in 4 days and after 4 days another mail saying"we will process in 3 days". I myself work in customer service profile but if a promise is delayed - I go to the process owner and escalate and get it sorted but there is no urgency exhibited by agents. They are way too casual. They will happily say"please wait for a week and call us if you don't get money, Policy number 10183521


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